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Isaac & Isabella Adoption Update



No new news this morning other than the decision that I & I’s adoption will not be made TODAY. It may be made in the future, but as of this Mother’s Day, it’s not happening. But we are going to intensely explore whether it can work with certain arrangements.


During this saga, on many occasions, I mentioned our strong desire to place I & I in the area generally ranging from Santa Barbara, CA to San Diego, CA because it would give us a great advantage in being an integral part of their integration into the family. Many wonderful applicants asked why they – being much further away – couldn’t adopt these two particular dogs, and this is precisely the reason. This lovely family IS within the range, but near one of the extremes and we may ultimately decide to narrow the geographic window so that we can figure out a way to give this adoption a go, and together. Separating them, briefly, was only mentioned in the context of the UNIVERSE of options, and it was only a sliver of a possibility. It no longer is.


And there you go…something of a bittersweet Mother’s Day on this end, but it’s because of our need to keep our interest in I & I’s welfare – as well as that of the family’s dogs & cats – the paramount issue. IN RESCUE, IT’S NEVER AS EASY AS IT SEEMS, BUT IT’S FOR GOOD REASON.


Stay tuned for more updates today.

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